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Fire&Frost Torquoise wax in drops for injection

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Fire&Frost Torquoise wax has been developed to cover a wide range of models with different shapes, volumes, and sizes. Excellent both for items with very thin sections and items with large, smooth, high-detailed surfaces. This wax offers perfectly balanced features, for example good flexibility which allows an easier removal of model from the mold, excellent replication of details, combined with high surface quality and smooth surfaces. Moreover, during the injection phase it presents an excellent fluidity and very low shrinkage. The peculiar opacity is highly appreciated during quality control. Thanks to the combined flexibility and memory this wax is suitable for pre-stone-setting. Fire&Frost waxes are produced in the US with the purest, high quality synthetic raw materials. 

Fluidity: High
Shrinkage: Low
Flexibility: Medium
Memory: Medium
Hardness: Medium
Shelf-life: Medium
Reproduction of details: High
Solidification time: Low

Technical specifications: 

Color: turquoise
Casting temperature: 68,9°C
Solidification temperature: 62,2°C
Viscosity (a 76,6°C): 263 cps
Hardess (tip penetration 450 g a 25°C): 28,3 dmm
Ash content: 0,003 %
Recommended injection pressure: 0,20 – 0,60 bar
Recommended injection temperature: 68° – 72°C

Note on product use: 

Cut the top of the package paying attention to keeping the locking system intact. A correct wax storage avoids possible accidental contaminations.  
Load the wax in the injection system container, keeping in mind to clean it periodically.  
Set the recommended wax casting temperature. We advise to verify periodically that the injection machine thermometer is set correctly.  
Wait until the wax turns liquid and reach the desired working temperature. 
Everyday clean the system injection nozzle before starting the operation. 
Set the opportune pressure parameters and pushing time for the model to reproduce, paying attention to the recommended pressure interval for this kind of wax.  
Position the mold on the injection system nozzle in use. Automatic clamps can be useful to maintain the parameters constant.  
This wax works well both with under vacuum and traditional injection systems. 
Inject the wax in the mold. 
Let the mold rest for the wax to cool and solidify.  
Open the mold and extract with the proper technique the reproduced wax model.  


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