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Single torch welding machine – FOV

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Oxygen-hydrogen generator with electrolytic solution, ecol on external booster with a one torch bayonet connection (quick to remove and insert). Power 380W-60A. CE Declaration of Conformity. Led distilled water level, power adjustment with potentiometer knob, Led indicator for gas circuit obstruction, pressure indicating gauge and torch with anti-slip sheath. Internally fitted with a safety valve, maximum pressure switch (with machine block while operating), flashback arrestor filter, torch anti-obstruction spring filter, network anti-interference filter, solenoid valve controlled by a pressure switch with ecol. Non-return, flame arrestor torch faucet (complies with European standards). Packaging supplied with PSE internal protection, instruction manuals, spare gasket for booster, fuse 3.15A, and 1 needle.

Power supply 220/230V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Electrolytic solution capacity 1Lt.
Dimensions (cm) L36 H30 P22
Weight 25Kg

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