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Kreo Blu liquid silicon rubber part A (1KG) + B (1KG) – 45shA

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KREO BLU is a room temperature silicon liquid molding compound that is odorless, non-toxic and has no shelf life. It has an excellent workability and reproduces even the smallest of details. It cures very fast at normal room temperatures and can be cured even faster if placed in a warmer temperature. Anyway, it is suggested not over 50°C. It is a great solution to move from mold to waxes in the same day. The two-part compound produces strong, tough, tear-resistant, long-lasting molds that will not become soft with age. It is easy to measure, pour and mix. Mix ratio is 1:1 in weight.
Technical specifications at 23°C – 73.4°F

Color: Blue
Material: Silicon
Working time: 10-15 min.
Mixing ratio: 1:1 by weight
Hardening time: 45-50 min.
Durometer: 45 sh/A
Shrinkage not measurable: (<0,1%)
Elongation 400%

Note: In case of environments with temperatures above 23°C – 73.4°F it is recommended to use 903525 – RETARDING OIL
Manual mixing:

Before use, it is necessary to weigh components A and B making sure that they are equal.
Pour both components into a clean container at least four times larger than the amount being mixed.
Carefully mix the material with a clean spatula.
Place under full vacuum for 1 minute
Pour enough rubber to cover the whole model and leave approximately ¼ of the mold frame empty to allow for the proper expansion during vacuum.
Apply the vacuum again for 3 minutes and then release.
Allow the rubber to harden at room temperature for 45-50 minutes.

Part of our Kreo silicone rubber kit for modeling

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