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FOV Light Blue silicon rubber – 300x300x6mm – 44/46sh – 90°C

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Single sheet of light blue silicon rubber for lost-wax casting characterized by low shrinkage and high elongation suitable for creating medium-high detailed models. Excellent ductility that allows insertion of both small and medium/big sized models. Excellent flow for high quantity of injections with high quality details. Excellent tear resistance for easy extraction of pieces.
Technical specifications:

Quantity: 1 sheet
Color: light blue
Vulcanization at 90°C
Vulcanization time: 4 min/mm
Shrinkage < 1%
Size: 300 x 300 x 6,5 mm
Hardness 44/46 SH
Density: 1,356 gr/ml
Elongation: 680%
Tensile strength: 5,145 N/mm²
Tear resistance: 13,70 N/mm

Proper use:

Prepare the suitable aluminum mold for the item to be reproduced.
Cut two rubber foils the size of the holes of the mold.
Spray over both the rubber foils with the mold spray as to make them a unique piece once vulcanized.
Place the item between the two rubber foils (tightly)
Insert the mold with the item and the rubber inside and proceed with vulcanization.
Once cooled off, extract the mold and remove the rubber.
Proceed with zig-zag cuttings on the side for an easy following reposition, then remove the item inside.

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85 in stock

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