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4 tank /5 liter e-coating and plating machine

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This mini-pilot plating machine comes inclusive with four – 5 liter plating stations ready to preform any selected electroplating treatment. It is equipped with a dual rectifier enabling the machine to preform multiple functions. When the rectifier is set in the primary mode, the power is able to reach 12 volts enabling it to preform with any electroplating solution. When the secondary power mode is activated, the rectifier is able to reach 48 volts which is sufficient power to preform e-coating procedures. While plating or coating the plating rack can be positioned on the cathode bar which is on a pivot, making for easy rack extraction.
Legor Group pilot plating machines respond to the finishing, sampling, and repair needs of laboratories, shops, as well as both small and medium sized factories with the need to preform professional electroplating or e-coating operations on a miniature scale. The step by step sequence from preparation to plating makes it easy for even a beginner to manage the process. The timer and the voltage can be programmed to work in a synchronized mode limiting the possibility of over exposure or over plating.

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