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CERAMIX transparent nano-ceramic e-coating

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Ceramix is a second generation, transparent nano-ceramic e-coating specifically designed for industrial scale productions. It is a hybrid resin impregnated with ceramic improving resistance to abrasion as well as other international normative testing procedures. The incorporation of the ceramic particles also provide a metallic sensation to the touch. Achievable thickness ranges of the coating layer cover from 5-35 micron while remaining completely transparent and undetectable. The resin matrix has been specifically studied to remove the “orange peel” phenomenon common when coating large flat surfaces. In production CERAMIX e- coating is extremely stable, more resistant to chemical contamination and does not underperform when impure or conductive water greater than 5 microsiemens is introduced to the bath.

Hardness: 4H
Thickness (um): 5 -35 micron
Appearance: Completely transparentand shiny
Form: Ready to use
Material color: whitish
Storage time: 4 months after first opening date
Packaging: 5 L


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