with bipolar ions technology

Awions devices purify the air while people are present in the environment. The air purification systems generate positively and negatively charged ions that restore the quality and freshness of the indoor air, just like the sun does in nature, making it as healthy and clean as the air we breathe when hiking in the mountains or strolling by the seaside: pure air, free of mold, bacteria and viruses.


    The positively and negatively charged ions emitted by the generators surround the virus and react chemically with the molecules that compose its surface, damaging the virus proteic barrier and disgregating its “spikes”, rendering the infection of cells impossible even if inhaled.
    Effective against Covid-19!


    The Awions ion generator uses cold plasma technology, producing positively charged hydrogen ions from water molecules floating in the air and negatively charged oxygen ions from atmospheric oxygen.
    As a result, various types of superoxide ions are formed. These trigger chemical reactions similar to those that occur naturally in the environment, thus purifying the indoor air in the premises where we live and work.

Cold Plasma: innovative technology against CoVid-19

Professor Crisanti from University of Padua: his feedback
Article available in italian only

Lab-tested technology

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Bipolar ionization with cold plasma technology is by far the simplest method on the market to ensure a healthy environment with an adequate level of ions: from 1000 to 2000 per cm³.

Benefits of Awions systems

  • Constant sanitation without interruption of work

  • Keep your workplace sanitized h24

  • The devices do not require maintenance

  • Reduce the concentration of dust and odors

  • Lower the concentration of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) by more than 99%**

  • Wide range of products to cover rooms of all sizes

  • Devices built and assembled in Italy

*Ozone content emissions inferior to 10 parts per billion

**Test: Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) - 99.9% of the virus rendered inactive within 10 minutes (2020)

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